FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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To get the best possible price, give us a call (1-800-230-0120) or send us an email to contact@inscaleusa.com. We’ll work with you to save you money and make sure you get exactly the product you need, when you need it.

Plus Military, Federal government and State government purchasing employees are eligible for special discounts off of our entire catalog of scales, parts, and accessories.

If you purchased a standard scale package with an LP7510 or similar standard indicator, it will be packed in the side access panel (Domestic) or top access panel (import) of the floor scale itself. If you purchased a large indicator or one with a battery backup, it will arrive UPS standard ground normally within a day or so of receiving the base.

Typically, any base larger than 24” x 24” or heavier than 100# will ship standard LTL freight. Any small parts purchased will arrive with UPS.

All scale and parts pricing are less freight unless otherwise notated in the descriptions, like scale packages, which state freight included as long as freight guidelines are met. We can quote you the small parts UPS or LTL freight prices to the destination for all other purchases. You can also have them shipped collect on your account if you wish with UPS or your LTL carrier of choice (no third party shipping). If you have your LTL carrier used for pick-up, there will be a pallet and shipping charge of at least $20 added for common scales and higher if we have to build the pallets (cost of lumber etc.). UPS, small package shipments shipped collect, will be charged $3 shipping and handling.

If you purchase a scale and indicator together at the same time, they will arrive with a basic factory calibration so they can be used immediately after unpack aging. If you are using the scale and indicator in an NTEP situation, money being paid or collected by weight of scale (in any form), you will need to contact a state certified scale dealer or your local Weights and Measurements office to have this done. All NTEP scales that are being used in an NTEP situation must be certified by a professional. If used in a NON-NTEP situation, you can calibrate yourself with a known weight, heavier the better. Calibration instructions are located under the PDF and Manual tab.

Normally this error is displayed due to loss of signal between the indicator and the scale base. Check the lead cable that connects the base and indicator for any damage, cuts or pinching to the cable. If there is such damage, all you may have to do is replace that one piece.

Red = +EXC
Green = +SIG
Black = -EXC
White = -SIG.

First check your scale feet and make sure they are set correct. Your standard domestic 5K or 10K floor scale has a general working height of about 3.5” and an import of 4.25”. You can lift the base and stick your finger above the foot stem on top of the load cell, the stem should be not be so high that the top of the foot stem touches the bottom of the plate. Also the scale platform need to be as level as possible with all 4 corners sitting solid on a solid surface. Make sure there is nothing wedged under the base that would impede a correct weight reading. If none of this seems to work, time to check for a bad cell.

The easiest way is to walk your (4) corners of the scale. all (4) corners should be within 1-2 pounds of each other, if not the exact same reading. If for instance, you have (3) corners that show your weight being in the range of 220-230lbs. & (1)corner only reads your weight at 65lbs., more than likely that low corner has a blown loadcell. Remove the foot from the low corner, and track the loadcell cable to the summing card and disconnect it from the card. Set the scale back on the ground and check the other (3) corners. If they display the same weight reading, then the loadcell that is disconnected is damaged.

ERR#6 could be a blown loadcell, or the perimeter setting’s need to be re-set (C20=100), (C21=100). to check for a damaged loadcell follow the directions on answer #8. disconnect & re-connect loadcells 1 at a time from summing card. Meter will display a reading when the damaged loadcell is disconnected from summing card.

This is due to a possible bad loadcell and or moisture in the junction box. you can open the junction box and dry the summing card with a hair dryer. If indicator is still unstable,un-hook one loadcell at a time from the summing card till meter stables. This test will tell you which loadcell is drifting. When the bad loadcell is disconnected from summing card, meter has a stable reading.