Freight Warning Letter

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Free freight shipping  is limited to lower 48 states.

All basic commercial freight-inclusive scale packages have the following restrictions:

  • Delivery only available to a Commercially Zoned physical address
  • Dock-to-dock only. Destination must have a functional loading dock, forklift, and standard receiving hours.
  • LTL drivers should be able to back up and get unloaded at the destination

Additional charges may apply if these conditions are not met.

Additional Fees

Any charges we incur in addition to the standard delivery will be billed directly to you, due in net 15 days.

Additional fees include,but not limited to:


– Pre-delivery call ahead & Appointments – $48 (if the LTL company must call ahead to get a specific delivery time or date) $40
– Lift gate services $145
– Restricted Access / Limited Access / Secure Sites: $152 (includes military, schools, construction sites, labs, or any locations that incur additional time for drivers that must be escorted to or checked prior to unloading.)
Residential / agricultural $144 (please check your zoning if you are not sure, businesses located in a residential area, garage, farm etc. fall into this category. If there are any questions, please call your local zoning board for clarification. Carriers do not consider deliveries to farms or ranches as being commercial.
– Re-delivery fees due to no one being at delivery site during standard hours $120
– Schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, etc. that do not have an actual loading dock $60
– Inside delivery $140 (this usually only occurs with lift-gate deliveries, driver will take a pallet off of the lift-gate and take it inside the corr of the building only using a pallet jack. Driver does not take the order to specific locations.)

Alternative Options

To help alleviate additional charges being billed to you, if you have any doubts or questions, call us and we can get everything situated before shipping. There still may be some additional charges that need to be added, but if they are done beforehand they are much cheaper than if you are billed later.

If your destination does not have a functional dock or delivery would fall outside of normal operating hours, as an alternative solution, you do have the choice of either having the shipment delivered to a local business that does have a dock and normal manned shipping hours.

You also have the option to pick up your delivery from a local delivery hub in your area. There is no charge if picked up at the terminal within 24hrs of being received in at the terminal.